Legal Stage
What Can Lawyers Learn From Actors?SM

A trial is a live event. STORY is the central element of that event. The goal of the attorney is to rivet the listener’s attention on the drama at hand, control their point of view, lead their instincts, and then convince their minds of the story’s desired end.

A play is also a live event with story at its center. The goal of the performer is to grab the audience and guide them on the journey of that story bringing with them their minds and hearts…their intellect and instincts.

The attorney is the producer of that live event and also the writer, director and the actor in that event.

ACT of COMMUNICATION® is the first company to bring theater and law together. To exploit the connections between these two disciplines for the common good of both.

ACT of COMMUNICATION® was founded almost 39 years ago to set a new standard in the art of advocacy. We’ve trained thousands of attorneys in workshop settings, continuing legal education (CLE) accredited classes and private trial consultation with precise theatrical techniques to optimize results in trial, mediation, arbitration and other professional appearances. From witness preparation, depositions or negotiation conferences, trial strategy, judge and juror communications, to orchestrating opening and closing statements, we are committed to our clients learning exactly what’s needed to create and enhance the authenticity and impact of their own communications. We invite you to explore our web site and discover how to ensure that your next professional challenge becomes your next triumph.

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