Are you interested in ACT of COMMUNICATION® seminars, but do not reside or work in the United States? ACT of COMMUNICATION® offers seminars and workshops across the country, as well as overseas for you or your client’s legal needs.

We work with legal professionals to help develop their presence and rapport in the courtroom. We apply mannerisms seen in the real world to the courtroom in order to teach attorneys how to act like human beings. Some of these techniques include:

  • Non-verbal communication & body language
  • Overcoming stage fright and fear
  • Physical relaxation
  • Vocal range, control, flexibility & stamina
  • Role playing
  • The value of stillness and silence

In using these natural skills, you will be more able to connect with your client, peers, and the judge or jury on a more effective level. When at ease in the courtroom, you create a comfortable environment for the judge and jury to better hear your story and point of view to effectively communicate for your client.

ACT of COMMUNICATION® adapts these seminars to your specific international standards and code of conduct. We design our core curriculum around supplementing needs and promoting certain strengths of individual firms. Our seminars are personalized to fit the best needs of you, your clients, and your peers.

If you belong to an association, group, or law firm interested in bringing ACT of COMMUNICATION® in to conduct an international seminar, please contact us to arrange logistics and the curriculum.