ACT of COMMUNICATION® also offers continuing education through their Law School Alumni/Student Bridge Program. This program includes a Trial Skills Training Curriculum where students and professionals work together under the auspices of their respective alumni association at no expense to the alumni association.

Through this program, ACT of COMMUNICATION® has discovered that the collaborated efforts of law students and law school alumni yield both immediate and long-term benefits to everyone involved. Meaningful relationships and mentorships form via co-participation in educational and social settings. It is truly a growth experience for both practicing professionals and law students. Several law schools have already instituted this program and we invite you to add it to your event calendar. The program lasts a span of two days, with ACT of COMMUNICATION® directing two related workshops.

As professionals who make a living in film, television and theater, Katherine James and Alan Blumenfeld recognize the significant benefits of professional collaboration. Their understanding of learning and education theory combined with the study of human behavior—how people learn, how jurors learn and deliberate—infuses their work with clients. This creates an interactive environment where students learn from professionals and vice versa. The creation of the Law School Alumni/Student Bridge Program provides practicing attorneys with a laboratory for gaining advanced skills in live communication, while constructively challenging the student hungry for real-world guidance and experience.

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Timeline and Activities Included in Law School Alumni/Student Bridge Program:

A one-to-one ratio of participants encourages full involvement and provides the best results for all:

  • 15-20 practicing attorneys
  • 15-20 law students

Day One—6 Hours (Including Lunch):

  • ACT of COMMUNICATION® conducts an interactive Trial Skills Workshop focused on 3 main topics, offering 5 hours of CLE credit
  • The students and attorneys work together exploring and learning new trial skills:
    • Storytelling: Opening and Motion Practice
    • Questioning: Direct and Cross, Voir Dire
    • Rhetorical Skills and Closing Argument

Day Two—3 Hours:

  • 15-20 law students involved
  • ACT of COMMUNICATION® conducts a follow up session for the students only
  • Focus is on preparation for mock trial and individual challenges of communication and trial work

If you are interested in how this program could benefit you, your firm, and your own alumni association, please feel free to contact us. Your questions and comments are always welcome.