Our litigation consulting services are primarily offered in the areas of witness preparation and individual case work. In addition, we also offer an array of other services.

At least one-third of our cases are commercial and business litigation, all of which are complex cases involving sums between a few million and several billion dollars. We have been a part of complex cases involving transportation, telecommunications, the nuclear and oil industries, major financial institutions and privately owned businesses. In all of the above mentioned cases, we prepared both expert and lay witnesses, sometimes as many as 40 – 50, for each trial. All of our work is done under the supervision and confidential direction of the attorneys working on the case. Our services complement and support the overall case strategy, as well as the lead counsel.

Case Work

In addition to helping our clients with witness preparation, ACT of COMMUNICATION® is a specialist in case work consultation. Our time-proven litigation communication services include:

Opening Statement

  • Storytelling and narrative structure
  • Developing language and strategy

Closing Argument

  • Wordsmithing
  • Developing a progression of ideas and emotions linked to the facts of the case
  • Rhetorical devices and delivery

Client Meetings

  • Structure and delivery
  • Goal setting and efficiency

Preparation of Appellate Argument

  • Eliminating emotion and strengthening impact in an argument

Focus Groups and Mock Trials

  • We will prepare the attorneys, clients and witnesses for their presentation in the trial simulation or focus group. By focusing your cases you can save time and money. You can identify the strengths and weaknesses of your cases for both your client and yourself.

Related Special Services

  • Deposition preparation
  • Writing opening statements & closing arguments
  • Video tape review of attorney performance
  • Video training for in-house use
  • Initial client interviews, witness preparation, trial consultant in association with other consultants
  • Focus groups
  • Trial simulations

All aspects of the case and its presentation, both substantive and performance, can be addressed.

To learn more about ACT of COMMUNICATION® litigation consulting, contact us.