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ACT of Communication® Launches Online School for Attorneys and Paralegals to Receive CLE Credits Anywhere, Anytime

Los Angeles, CA - March 9, 2010 — Attorneys and trial paralegals in need of continuing legal education credits have a new resource. Leaders in trial and legal advocacy, ACT of Communication® announced today the launch of their online school. As the premier trial consulting firm specializing in live communication, the online school currently offers courses such as, Acting Like a Human Being: Skills in Storytelling & Demeanor, Actor/Playwright Meets Lawyer: Skills in Inflection, Orchestration, Meter and Closing Argument, Directing The Trial: Skills in Questioning and Controlling Focus, Developing Your Voice: Skills in Vocal Improvement and Ethics. The online school is easy, convenient and gives peace of mind for lawyers to know that their CLE credits have been meet in a timely manner, on their schedule and will receive a certificate of completion.

The ACT of Communication® online school features include:

"We had to take the feel of being at one of our interactive workshops or seminars, and all the elements that are key for lawyers in learning and communicating, and put them into a brand new customized site that was cutting edge technology," said Alan Blumenfeld, Founder of ACT of Communication®. "Members of our online school are offered virtual classes, as well as a variety of tools that include Q&A interaction with the instructors and a chat section, making this resource affordable and convenient to any attorney anywhere and anytime."

Attorneys and trial paralegals who prefer the traditional methods can still purchase the DVD version or call ACT of Communication® to set up a customize workshop for their firm or association.

Since 1977, the founders of ACT of COMMUNICATION®, Alan Blumenfeld and Katherine James, have brought state-of-the-art trial communication skills to over 30,000 attorneys and their witnesses. As professionals who make a living in film, television and theatre, the company's founders and associates have appeared in hundreds of television shows, scores of films and with dozens of repertory companies and theatres throughout the world. Over the past thirty years, they have also endeavored to become expert legal consultants through the careful study of learning theory and education theory, as well as the study of human behavior—how people learn, how jurors learn and how they deliberate. Today, ACT of COMMUNICATION® is the premier trial consulting firm specializing in live communication. People learn best through a story. And jurors are people. In court most attorneys forget that they are one person telling a story to a group of people. Taking that jury group of strangers and unifying them, with a story, is the primary job of the trial lawyer. Teaching lawyers how to tell stories effectively is the job of ACT of Communication®. Finding the stories within each case— the overall theme, the story of each witness, and the story of your client—is the primary objective.

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About ACT of Communication®

Founded in 1977, ACT of COMMUNICATION® is the premier trial consulting firm specializing in live communication. Setting a new standard in the art of advocacy, ACT of Communication® had trained thousands of attorneys in workshop settings, continuing legal education (CLE) accredited classes and private trial consultation, with precise theatrical techniques to optimize results in trial, mediation, arbitration or other professional appearances – from witness preparation, depositions or negotiation conferences, trial strategy, judge and juror communications, to orchestrating opening and closing statements.