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ACT of Communication® Brings Together Law School Students and Alumni in an Innovative Interactive Program

Act of Communication® Law School Alumni/Student Bridge Program

Los Angeles, CA - May 11, 2010 — Leaders in trial and legal advocacy, ACT of Communication®, has developed a cutting edge trial skills training program that allows law students and law professionals to directly work and learn together under the auspices of their alumni associations.  Bringing together students and alumni yields both immediate and long-term benefits to all those who participate. Furthermore, it creates an interactive educational and social setting that builds relationships and mentorships that exceed the participant’s expectations.

"This novel program has been instituted in law schools across the country and has resulted in tremendous success," said Alan Blumenfeld, Founder of ACT of Communication®. "Student participants of the program have the opportunity to work with experienced attorneys and gain valuable skill sets used in the real world, while law professionals have become influential mentors."

Micki Fox, Director of CLE Programs at University of Tennessee College of Law says, “Your particular method of training is singularly helpful: by sending advanced instructions for individual students to prepare, every class member gets the benefit of developing each aspect of a real-world case. Because of your wide experience with these cases, students are then able to hone their skills during the in-class sessions.  In addition, your CLE program style is singularly practical for attorneys, the interactive aspect of role-playing has impressed our registrants, who have given you the highest rankings of any other CLE presenter in my 15 years as CLE Director.”

The program takes place over the course of two days with workshops conducted by ACT of Communication® founders, Alan Blumenfeld and Katherine James. Since 1977, Alan and Katherine, have brought state-of-the-art trial communication skills to over 30,000 attorneys and their witnesses. As professionals who make a living in film, television and theatre, they know the real benefits of professional collaboration. Their expertise in learning theory and education theory with the study of human behavior – how people learn, how jurors’ learn and how they deliberate- infuses their work with clients, law students and law professionals. In creating this program, they saw the need to provide a laboratory for gaining advanced skills in live communication that services the experienced attorney, while constructively challenging the student hungry for real-world guidance.

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About ACT of Communication®

Founded in 1977, ACT of COMMUNICATION® is the premier trial consulting firm specializing in live communication. Setting a new standard in the art of advocacy, ACT of Communication® had trained thousands of attorneys in workshop settings, continuing legal education (CLE) accredited classes and private trial consultation, with precise theatrical techniques to optimize results in trial, mediation, arbitration or other professional appearances – from witness preparation, depositions or negotiation conferences, trial strategy, judge and juror communications, to orchestrating opening and closing statements.