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ACT of Communication® Launches Witness Preparation and Voir Dire Workshop in Santa Barbara, California

Workshops Satisfy 12 CLE Credits

Los Angeles, CA - November 1, 2007 — ACT of Communication®, the premier trial consulting firm, launches the second of its four series CLE workshops located in California for attorneys throughout the U.S.  Following the success of the first workshop held in Hollywood titled “What Can Lawyers Learn from ActorsSM,” founders’ Alan Blumenfeld and Katherine James prepare for the November 10-12, 2007 Santa Barbara workshop. Titled “Making All-Star Witnesses,” this workshop focuses on their proven essentials for highly effective witness preparation and voir dire.

“In the October workshop, I took away valuable insights into techniques involving voice, personal connection, communication and presence in a courtroom – all of which are powerful tools in presenting a case,” stated an October workshop participant. “This was a true learning experience and I know I will gain even more with the November workshop on witness preparation and voir dire.”

Held in relaxing Santa Barbara, the November workshop will sharpen the skills needed to transform strangers into effective team members on the witness stand and in the jury box.  Attorneys will accurately identify killer issues in the case and master open-ended questions in voir dire. They will receive practical techniques and training from the masters of effective communication, Alan and Katherine.  For the past 30 years as groundbreaking consultants, Alan and Katherine set a new standard in the art of advocacy, bringing forward their expertise in theater—and using persuasive, dynamic techniques—to advance the field of law.

“Katherine James is nationally recognized as one of the top Witness Preparation Trial Consultants working today - what trial attorney wouldn’t benefit from her proven and winning techniques when working with witnesses?” said Alan Blumenfeld of ACT of Communication®.  “Additionally, attorneys learn live communication skills and methods to help them with voir dire – often the most dreaded part of the trial.”

ACT of Communication® also addresses important topics and current standards in the legal industry in each cutting-edge CLE-credited workshops. Taking place throughout California, this season’s workshops include:

To learn more about each workshop or to register please visit the website at Multi-Course discounts and special firm packages are available.

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Founded in 1977, ACT of COMMUNICATION® is the premier trial consulting firm specializing in live communication. Setting a new standard in the art of advocacy, ACT of Communication® had trained thousands of attorneys in workshop settings, continuing legal education (CLE) accredited classes and private trial consultation, with precise theatrical techniques to optimize results in trial, mediation, arbitration or other professional appearances – from witness preparation, depositions or negotiation conferences, trial strategy, judge and juror communications, to orchestrating opening and closing statements.  For more information please visit