With almost 40 years of experience working with attorneys and their witnesses, we have developed an approach that is unique, essential and effective.

Our expertise is witness preparation. We specialize in “problem” witnesses. Whether a witness talks too much or too little, is too traumatized to testify or too egotistical to be contained, any “nightmare” situation an attorney has faced with a witness, we have succeeded where others have failed. That our clients refer us to their fellow attorneys is quite gratifying and proves our value added benefit to many cases. Our reputation with our fellow trial consultants to “get the job done, no matter how difficult the witness” has put us in the unique position of being “the trial consultant’s trial consultant in witness preparation.” Our fellow trial consultants often include us as part of their trial teams when they run into particularly challenging witnesses.

We are available to travel anywhere in the country and throughout the world, and we have. We are also available to work with you and your clients and witnesses via video conferencing when time is short or a case “doesn’t warrant the expense.” This has proven to be both effective and cost efficient – the next best thing to being in the room with us.

We have been on trial teams that have taken over 1,000 cases to trial. From slip and fall and collision cases, to complex civil litigation worth several hundred million dollars; we have helped prepare lay and expert witnesses and consistently made them better and more effective for both deposition and trial.

  • We always work with an attorney present. Our goal is to improve the relationship between the attorney and the client or witness. To maximize the communication between you and to make you a better team in deposition and in trial.
  • We always work in a rehearsal format. It is our background, our inclination and it is ALWAYS a more effective method of preparation than a lecture.
  • We require information about your case and your clients and witnesses to prepare for working with you. All of this material is, of course, kept confidential and is protected by confidentiality agreements.
  • When we meet with you and your clients and witnesses we begin with a series of questions and allow time for everyone to fully buy into the process….and then we begin with rehearsal.
  • Rehearsal involves trying, succeeding, failing, learning, adjusting and trying again. And again. As often as necessary until the communication between attorney and client/witness is easy, fluid and precise.

If you are interested in how witness preparation can benefit you or your client, please feel free to contact us.