Katherine James is one of the first classically trained repertory actors who has applied her skills in theater to the law. Throughout her years of experience working in theater as an actor, director and writer, as well as her career in film and television, Katherine’s knowledge and skills as a master storyteller and live communicator have made her invaluable to the legal community. Since 1977, Katherine has been working with attorneys and their witnesses to strengthen and build their live communication skills for trials and depositions. Now, she is successfully preparing witnesses via Skype and other video conferencing tools through her Virtual Witness Preparation Program.

Our Techniques

  • It’s Economical – You will only be paying for the hours you spend with Katherine during the program. Virtual Witness Preparation has helped countless attorneys who wouldn’t have been able to meet with Katherine before. You and your witness will be able to receive the training you need to succeed with your trial or deposition while maintaining your budget parameters.
  • It’s Efficient – You will be free to log on and work with Katherine in the comfort of your own office, making it easier to receive the training you and your witness need within your already busy schedule.
  • It’s Effective – For the past six years, Katherine has been successfully preparing witnesses and attorneys just as if she was in the room with them. Virtual Witness Preparation has proven to be just as helpful as live sessions.

What Kind of Cases and Witnesses Does Katherine Work With?

From patent litigation cases to personal injury cases, the Virtual Witness Preparation program works for all kinds of cases. The program has also proven extremely effective in preparing all kinds of witnesses, from expert witnesses to your own client. If you’re wondering if Katherine’s program will be helpful for your case and your witness, contact Katherine today.

What Kind of Setup Do You Need?

With Katherine’s program, preparing for your trial or deposition is simple. All you will need is a laptop with live video and voice chat capabilities and a simple video chat platform like Skype, Google Hangout or other platform of your choosing.

How to Schedule a Virtual Witness Preparation Session:

Contact Katherine’s office to set-up a time that works best for you and your witness and to discuss what type of video chat platform you will be using. Any additional material needed in preparation for your session will also be discussed to ensure you receive the best possible session to prepare your witness for the trial or deposition.

If you can get your witness in front of a laptop or computer for a one-on-one video conference, Katherine James will turn your problem witness into a star. Click the button below to contact Katherine and learn more about how you can prepare for your trial or deposition and unlock your witness’ star potential.