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CLE Product Reviews:

“I liked it a lot. I have never used video to prep a client, and I think it will be extremely helpful for figuring out what they need to work on. I look forward (with some practice) to internalizing the detection of learning and processing styles so that difficult witnesses become easier. It brought up some memories of cases where I couldn’t figure out why I had such a hard time preparing the witness for trial. Quite enlightening. Now just practice, practice, practice. Thanks Alan.”

~ Charles Parnall, Parnall Law Firm, LLC (Albuquerque, NM)

Virtual Preparation (Skype):

“High quality, efficient and effective. I worked one-on-one with Katherine James without ever leaving my office, using a web conference.
It saves time without sacrificing results.”

~ James “Jamie” Vaught, James Vaught Law Office, PLLC (Lexington, KY)

“Katherine James was a tremendous resource for me in a case where I had a very nervous client and a very difficult opposing attorney. Through our meeting via Skype, Katherine was able to build up my client’s confidence and provide me with new ways of effectively communicating the liability and damages portions of the case. Shortly after our meeting with Katherine, I was able to use what Katherine provided me to negotiate a very good settlement that satisfied my client and myself.”

~ Peter Vladimir, Law Offices of Vladimir & Associates, PLLC (Deer Park, NY)

“The Skype session worked out perfectly! It was a great way to schedule our client session quickly since we were under a time constraint. We were easily able to hear, see and communicate with you just as if you were in the room with us. Our client was very impressed!”

~ Juliana B. Sabatini Plastiras, Reiter & Walsh, P.C. (Bloomfield Hills, MI)

Traditional Preparation (In-Person Consultation):

“Imagine seeing a riveting, thought-provoking play, with powerful actors, and at the same time earning MCLE credits. Well, you can do both when you see the play Cherry Docs. This production is a fantastic illustration of the ethical issues lawyers face in today’s heated multicultural society. For me it was captivating seeing seasoned actor Alan Blumenfeld play a Jewish lawyer in today’s society, who is forced to face his own humanity while representing a neo-Nazi white supremacist charged with murder. I whole-heartedly recommend this play to any lawyer interested in an innovative and effective method of earning MCLE credits.”

~ Wayne McClean, Trial Lawyer. 1990 President of Consumer Attorneys of Los Angeles, 1995 President of California Consumer Attorneys

“Law school purged most of us of any dramatic skills we might have had. Katherine restores that deficit. She helps lawyers focus their trial presentations on their audience – judges, jurors, and arbitrators – so that the deciders might understand, digest, and possibly empathize with the trial lawyer’s client and the client’s story. She is also great fun to work with.”

~ David K. Bissinger, Siegmyer, Oshman & Bissinger, LLP.

“In 2009 I was involved in a partnership dispute that led to a lengthy litigation. Despite numerous attempts to provide generous settlements, the other party proceeded with litigation, culminating in a 6 day arbitration hearing. For both the deposition as well as the actual hearing, I was particularly anxious. Despite having had an 18 year history as a University professor and having given hundreds of lectures previously, the magnitude of the consequences of these legal events had a notable effect on my clarity of speech.

“After several internal trials at “practice depos,” my lawyer had recommended Katherine James as a ‘communication coach.’ I was initially unclear as the purpose…mostly because the truth was on my side and I felt that this may have been an “unnecessary expense” for what was becoming an extraordinarily expensive litigation. I ultimately decided to give it a try and I have to say that this was simply the best money I spent in the entire litigation. With the use of very simple communication skills, Ms. James was able to show me how to effectively communicate the “truth” in a non-defensive manner that was convincing and assertive.

“The trial ended in a favorable manner with our team being deemed the prevailing party. I owe a debt of gratitude to Katherine James and ACT of Communication, as much of our success can be attributed to her seemingly simple tips that allow the truth to be communicated in a believable manner.

“I would be more than happy to speak to anyone considering their services and would highly recommend this training to anyone involved in litigation.”

~ Tom S. Chang, Retina Institute of California

“Presenting critical technical information to a jury through witnesses can be a challenge. Working with witnesses in a unique group setting, Katherine James manages to convey simple, yet effective communication skills. And the results speak for themselves – we won the case!”

~ James R. Condo, Snell & Wilmer LLP (Phoenix, AZ)

“Without the coaching, support and direction provided to me by Katherine, my testimony may have not turned out as well as it did. I finally understood what I was doing. I had control over the situation. I was ready to move forward without the sense of anxiety or dread that I had been feeling.

I want to give my personal recommendation to anyone that may need assistance preparing for depositions, trial or other situations where questions may determine your fate. Katherine’s years of experience and her dedication were instrumental to my successful outcome. I cannot thank her enough for her time, suggestions and direction.”

~ Charles C., Maryland

“Thank you for your extraordinary assistance and insight over the past several days in working with our wonderful clients. Working with you is always an extraordinary experience, both for me as the attorney and for the client. Your compassion and insight are invaluable in assisting clients in these challenging times to prepare for such a significant and potentially life-altering event as deposition or trial.

Thank you again Katherine, and I very much look forward to our next opportunity to work together.”

~ Bruce L. Scheiner, Associates & Bruce L. Scheiner, Attorneys for the Injured

“I used Katherine to help prepare a married couple for depositions in their collision case. The 60 year old husband was naturally quiet, and due to the narcotic pain medication he was taking he seemed to be awake ½ the time. The wife was nervous and too talkative. She wanted to blurt out everything she knew with every answer. Katherine did a great job with them, but the best part was that at trial a year later, it stuck. They both did a great job at trial, and they were invincible on cross.”

~ Phillip Miller, Phillip Miller & Associates

“I just tried an Age Discrimination case in Federal Court in Jackson using the techniques you’ve taught, and by God they work. I can’t tell you how good it felt when I saw three days of witness preparation of my client produce an effective witness out of a scared blabbermouth. We also called witnesses in sequence based on establishing plaintiffs positive character elements BEFORE he took the stand. Took much of the power out of defense cross. And I went through most of the opening telling a story in present tense which is still not easy or intuitive, but at least I recognize the difference when I fall back into old habits. This is the long version of THANK YOU for what I have learned while listening, and for me most importantly WATCHING you.”

~ Lewis Cobb, Spragins, Barnett & Cobb

“Jury members afterwards told my client she had a ‘great advocate who did not act like that other attorney.’ That other attorney was a ‘super lawyer’ in the field of commercial litigation. That super duper attorney was LAWYER MAN. Thank you, Katherine and Alan.”

~ Randolph M. James, P.C. Attorneys

“During our prep, a client had a total meltdown the day before he took to the witness stand. Tears, swearing, threats to quit. I thought, what would Katherine do, what would Katherine do, what would Katherine do?

I told him I needed him to be my anchor man.  No drama, no anger, just the facts. Just report the news. Anchor man. That’s what I told him like 50 times. He was a dream. Did just perfectly and was cool as a cucumber with only a tiny shaky voice and teary eyes. It was amazing.&#8221

~ Pamela Pantages, The Becker Law Firm, LPA

“Following your advice had a real and practical impact on my last closing argument. You could tell that the arbitrators were following every word; the pace of delivery had the effect of completely sucking the air out of the room. It was really something to see how the arbitrators were following me and my argument. My co-counsel couldn’t stop talking about how great it was!”

~ Adam Scott Weintraub, Savage O’Donnell Affeldt Weintraub & Johnson

“All lawyers are actors, or should be. The work of this organization greatly improves techniques, sensitivity and communication, and above all, the art of persuasion.&#8221

~ Browne Greene, Greene Broillet & Wheeler, LLP

“You add a wonderful layer to the advocacy and teaching skills I have learned through NITA. It’s a wonderfully freeing discovery to find I have a secret weapon: ME! Thank you and hats off to you.&#8221

~ Thomas J. Leach, Program Director, NITA. Director for the Center for Legal Advocacy and Professor of Law, Pacific McGeorge School of Law

“The very positive feedback is all raves… everyone statewide wants me to schedule additional seminars with you!&#8221

~ Anne T. Picker, The New Jersey Office of the Public Defender

Seminars & Workshops:

“I had my first deposition after taking your course at Dulles and the rising inflection is magic! Everyone, including opposing counsel, gets defensive and is more ready to pounce when you question using the falling inflection but the rising inflection really takes them off balance. It’s a jedi mind trick. The witness gave me all the rules b/c she thought my questions were fair whereas usually, they try to fight me on them. Loved your program!”

~ Laura C. Davis, Esq., Skinner Law Firm


“I have been trying jury and non-jury cases for more than 36 years and pride myself on not having the typical lawyer mindset. Your program greatly assisted me in confirming things that I think I already innately knew, but did not know why. So, while I came to the CLE with the regret that I had not brought a crossword puzzle that I could do in the back of the room, you both had my attention from pretty much the opening and held my attention throughout the program. I thank you for making this CLE an entertaining learning process.”

~ Stephen P. Zachary, Attorney at Law, Nolan & Mroz, PLC

“Katherine James is to witness preparation what Michelangelo was to sculpture. Simply stated she is the best at finding that great witness buried deep inside the outwardly terrible witness and bringing that great witness to the surface. I have tried over 200 jury trials to verdict; I regularly lecture on trial strategies throughout the United States; I have personally conducted over 800 focus groups in consultations with hundreds of attorneys; and when I have a difficult witness I call Katherine James. Know your own limitations. I do, and that is why I go to the best. I go to Katherine James.”

~ Jim Lees, Trial Attorney/Litigation Consultant/Teacher

“You should know that you remain one of the gold standards with OTLA for the popularity of your CLE presentations here.

After working with Katherine at the AAJ Advanced Depositions College, I attended a few of her skills seminars. Impressed with those, I brought her to Portland to work with clients in several cases. Each left their sessions with her more relaxed, better able to present their thoughts and generally readier to present their recollections, thoughts and feelings. Their later testimony reflected that training. After that, OTLA asked Katherine to be the sole presenter at an all-day CLE on communication skills, which in turn was so popular that OTLA asked her to participate in a multi-week interactive on-line seminar, which was also well received. I recommend her highly.”

~ Tom Boothe, Thomas S. Boothe

“I first became acquainted with Katherine’s Witness Prep Method while attending one of AAJ’s education programs. I then had the opportunity to see her speak and demonstrate this technique several times. Adopting her approach made my preparation of clients far better than it had ever been before, and it showed in their deposition and live testimony.

Nonetheless, there are clients that make you quickly realize there were limits to what you can do. When a client has a really good case, and the absolute potential to blow it in a deposition, something else has to be done. On two occasions in the last 3 years I have had a client who had a good case, but a hard time communicating, I brought Katherine in. After working with Katherine the difference in their ability to deliver a compelling story, and withstand cross, was remarkable.

AAJ has never provided this kind of in depth training for attorneys on witness prep. Every office should have at least one attorney attend and learn these skills.”

~ Phil Miller, Phillip Miller & Associates

“As a fellow consultant, over the past couple of decades, I have seen Katherine’s unparalleled results working with witnesses from pretty much every possible perspective: writing about the development and delivery of her unique techniques, lecturing to attorneys and her fellow trial consultants about what they need to learn to help their witnesses, training attorneys to start doing the job better themselves, and working with her on cases watching her prep witnesses so well, that I could walk into the room, adopt the same anchors she’d already laid down and reinforce all the hard work she’d done in a few minutes with a witness even though she was nowhere in sight.

What can you say about someone who can – according to me and the entire trial team as well as all the jurors deciding in his favor – transform an impossible, autocratic client into a reasonable, and thoroughly accessible man in his testimony (despite years of practice acting otherwise) who after winning still couldn’t quite detect how she had subtly invited him to change his delivery in a way that no one else in the room could miss? Well done? Great job? Or, Please do that again, it is just too cool for words?”

~ Eric Oliver, META Systems, Eric Oliver, LTD.

“On June 22 and 23, Katherine and Alan will be holding the first ever workshop on witness preparation that AAJ has presented. In the past, Katherine and Alan would present bits and pieces at various colleges, but honestly, it was never enough. I know from working first hand with both of them, teaching, and with my clients, that this workshop has so much more to offer than just working with them at a college.

Think about it. We all have problem clients, we have clients with warts and we wonder, how can we ever present them at deposition and trial? I have used Katherine and Alan’s methods and they just plain work. Once you attend this workshop and learn their methods, your ‘problem’ clients won’t be your problem anymore. They will be the defense problem!

I strongly recommend that you attend this amazing witness prep workshop, it will change the way you prep your client for deposition and trial.”

~ Paul J. Scoptur, Co-Chair, National College of Advocacy, Faculty Member, Advanced Depositions College

“How many times have you heard an attorney say, ‘my expert tanked, and that’s why I lost the case;’ or ‘my client just made a horrible impression.’ Failures like that are easy to blame on others, but I’m going to ask you to consider the idea that the challenge may be closer to home – it may be in the way you prepare the witness.

I first met Katherine James at the Ultimate Trial Advocacy College. I was fascinated by the concept of having a new way of helping witnesses get ready to tell the truth. When I found myself with the biggest case of my career so far, with clients who were nice businessmen but had no exposure to the legal system, I thought, ‘why not see what Katherine can do?’ It was a fortunate decision. The jury warmed to my clients and my case and rewarded us with justice. Since then, Katherine has helped me prepare clients and experts as a regular part of my practice. Her techniques are equally effective with inflated egos and shy children. She was even successful with a client who was resistant to the idea that he needed to prepare at all.

I now use what she has taught me every time I prepare a witness for deposition or trial. I’ve had her come to teach her techniques to a group of attorney friends who regularly meet to share ideas, and insist that the young lawyers I mentor be exposed to Katherine and her methods.

If you present witnesses for deposition or try cases, you should attend this workshop. You’ll never regret it.”

~ Ken Suggs, Janet, Jenner & Suggs

“Kurt and I first met Katherine about 9 years ago when we heard her speak about witness preparation at an AAJ course on depositions. After listening to her speak, we knew that we wanted to work with her. Since then, we have worked with Katherine on wrongful death, catastrophic injury, and business dispute cases. Her witness preparation system has helped us win several multi-million dollar verdicts. When we heard that Katherine was going to explain her system in an in-depth seminar, we rushed to sign up. If you want to learn new ideas that will help you present your case to juries, this seminar is a ’must.’”

~ Jason Itkin, Arnold & Itkin, LLP.

“Katherine James is the trial consultant who I recommend to work with my clients when I need a specialist to work with witnesses. In working together, I have seen firsthand that her system results in better witnesses. I cherish Katherine’s teachings and turn to her for advice in this area every chance I get. Katherine is not only second to none in terms of witness preparation but also a generous teacher of her witness preparation system. The skills that Katherine teaches make us better communicators from the inside out. Her teachings apply to more than just witness preparation, although that is the context; her teachings get to the root of relevant topics and provide user-friendly tools to express the significance of such topics.”

~ Amy Pardieck, Trial Consultant at Perceptual Litigation, LLC.

“I first met Katherine at AAJ’s ‘Art of Persuasion’ course at Harvard. She was a non-lawyer faculty member and I wondered what her role would be. I quickly learned she was there to teach us how to communicate – the cornerstone of persuasion. However, in speaking with some of the other faculty I discovered that her real expertise was in preparing witnesses to testify in both deposition and trial (they are different preparations). Shortly after that we had three cases we were working on where the client depositions were critical and the clients’ abilities were questionable. We called Katherine and she came to our office and worked tirelessly with all three. What a difference! All came through their depositions unscathed. More importantly, however, each of them was able to articulate the “story” of their case in a manner that was consistent, credible and convincing.

Katherine taught us that witness preparation is a learned skill and she is certainly the leading ‘professor of preparation.’ I am excited she is going to share her system with members of AAJ. It will be another weapon in our arsenal.”

~ Jim Otway, Otway Russo & Rommel, PC.

“I have known Katherine James for many years. I first met her doing the ATLA ‘Ultimate College’ at Harvard. She is a gifted teacher of how to communicate effectively with jurors. She has been helping Plaintiff Trial Lawyers win cases for years. Perhaps her greatest skill is in helping lawyers with witness preparation. I have seen her work with witnesses where there is great concern about how the witness or client will come across to the jury. I also do trial consulting for lawyers. When there is a concern of the lawyer I am working with, about a witness or client, and their testimony before the jury, the first person I recommend is Katherine James. The results have always been excellent! Katherine is comfortable working with any type of witness or client. The cases have included very sophisticated, educated witnesses to witnesses that are scared to death to testify, but are critical to the plaintiff’s case. I have never had a lawyer call me back and say anything other than her help made a significant difference in the effectiveness of the witness’ testimony before the jury. In my opinion, her decision to establish the first Witness Preparation Program for AAJ will be an absolute winner to the client, the lawyer and the case!”

~ David Bossart, Bossart Law Firm

“I first met Katherine and Alan both at the Ultimate College of Persuasion at Harvard in 2009 and they blew me away with their methods of communication, especially as it relates to witness preparation. So often, the case hinges on whether the plaintiff is ‘good’, ‘believable’, or ‘going to be liked by the jury.’ I have learned and adopted Katherine and Alan’s methods as part of my routine witness preparation for depositions. I have also had Katherine work directly with some of our most seriously brain injured clients. I can say without hesitation that their techniques led us to higher awards and settlements in situations where likeability was an obstacle to a good result.”

~ Robyn Wishart, Slater Vecchio, LLP.

“I first became acquainted with Katherine James work when I participated at AAJ’s Deposition College and Advanced Deposition College. I liked the enthusiasm she showed and knew she was someone I wanted to hire to work with my clients. Seeing first-hand just how well her approach worked made me appreciate her methods even more.

Every time I prepare a client for a deposition, Katherine James’ training is present. It has allowed my clients to express themselves in a way they could never have before without using her techniques. Her training has been transformational to my practice and the way I approach witness preparation. You will not be disappointed in what she has to offer!”

~ Peter A. Jouras Jr., The Law Offices of Peter A. Jouras, Jr.

“I understand Katherine James of Act of Communication will be leading a workshop at AAJ for members. She is one of, if not the best in the country at witness preparation. I first discovered her work at a Colorado workshop and later at AAJ’s Ultimate Trial Advocacy Course at Harvard. As a lawyer I hired her to help in my own cases and as a trial consultant with Winning Works I’ve hired her to work with my client’s cases all with great success!

Don’t miss this phenomenal opportunity to spend two days learning a system that can often be a case changer. Katherine is not only a consummate professional, she is a delight to be around. Do yourself and your clients a favor and go!”

~ Gregory Cusimano, Cusimano, Keener, Roberts, Knowles & Raley, LLC.

“Dear AAJ Colleagues:

Katherine James brings brain dead witnesses to life. She quickly psychoanalyzes a witness and determines what is needed to make them effectively communicate. She creates matras, techniques, and control mechanisms that allow a witness to free themselves of communication constraints.

I met with Katherine when she joined the Harvard Ultimate Trial Advocacy College Faculty. We have worked together on many occasions in the last twenty plus years, presenting witness preparation and story-telling programs, and I have engaged Katherine on numerous occasions to work with trial witnesses and develop case stories.

Katherine’s witness preparation system is unique and remarkable. Her willingness to share her techniques with AAJ Trial Lawyers in a two-day seminar does not surprise me, as I know Katherine’s generous spirit. What would surprise me is if trial lawyers do not flock to this program.”

~ Murray Ogborn, Ogborn Mihm, LLP.

“I first had the pleasure of meeting and learning from Katherine James at the AAJ Ultimate Trial Advocacy College. Katherine’s insights and teachings are truly TRANSFORMATIONAL!! As trial lawyers, our success – in large part – is driven by the performances of our clients and key witnesses at trial. Katherine has developed a tried and true method of finding the ‘superstar’ in every witness and cultivating and facilitating the best trial performance possible. After being blown away by Katherine at the AAJ Trial College, we retained her to travel to Fort Myers on several occasions to assist us with preparing our clients for deposition and trial. The results have been EXTRAORDINARY!! Even better, her system of witness preparation can be learned by anyone, and has been incorporated into our practice – so we benefit from her methods even when a case may not financially justify her direct involvement. I can’t believe she’s giving trial lawyers this amazing system in depth for two days!!! Anyone who has not had the privilege of directly working with Katherine would be a FOOL not to go!”

~ Preston J. Scheiner, Associates and Bruce L. Scheiner

“I first met Katherine as I was working with renowned trial attorney Russ Herman on a major case in nationwide litigation. Later, I became intrigued when I saw her in action when we taught together at the Harvard trial college and I was able to absorb her witness preparation techniques. Since then I have used Katherine here in San Diego to prepare my own witnesses with great success. If a case does not warrant the expense, I use her methodology myself in preparing witnesses.

How many times have you held your breath as your client testifies? This is an opportunity you must not miss. In just two days you’ll discover what other master trial lawyers already have: Katherine’s techniques really work. Don’t try another case without it.”

~ Thomas D. Penfield, Adjunct Professor of Law, University of San Diego Law School

“I originally saw Katherine James speak at an AAJ Advanced Depositions Seminar a few years back. She gave an outstanding presentation on preparing plaintiffs to testify. I found myself bringing her methods back to my office and testing them right away. Her methods of personality analysis are incredibly accurate, and I now use this system every time I prepare my clients for depositions and for trial. We routinely hire Katherine to prepare our clients – she is able to build rapport in a very short space of time, putting them at ease and working seamlessly with our attorneys to provide invaluable support. We don’t consider our clients ready for deposition or trial unless they have had face-time with Katherine as part of their preparation process. I would urge any AAJ member to take full advantage of this amazing opportunity to explore Katherine’s system in depth for two days.”

~ Jesse M. Reiter, Reiter & Walsh, PC.

“As a paralegal, I have had the good fortune to be part of a trial team working with Katherine James during preparation for a major trial. Our main witness in the case was having so much difficulty controlling his hostility and anger toward the opposing lawyer and his client that it threatened to seriously impede his effectiveness as a witness. I watched Katherine magically transform this man and show him ways to control his anger and hostility so that he could be an effective witness in his own case. I have attended Katherine’s presentations at AAJ seminars and have seen how much the attendees enjoyed the interactive nature of her presentation, and as chair of the Paralegal section of AAJ invited Katherine to be a part of one of our programs at annual convention. Katherine really does work magic!”

~ Denny Korb, Johnson Eiesland Law Offices, PC.

“More than 25 years ago at the AAJ Advanced College at Harvard, I encountered one of the most exciting court room lawyer learning experiences of a 46-year career.

As part of the faculty, I was introduced to the professional and life partnership of Katherine James and husband, Alan Blumenfeld.

From the dynamic duo of ‘Act of Communication,’ I learned their advanced theories and practical applications of cutting edge methods of witness preparation.

We have used their services ever since in major trials. I strongly recommend the two day AAJ Katherine James Workshop.”

~ Russ M. Herman, Herman, Herman & Katz, LLC.

“Something that really intrigued me was her focus on the witness’ fears, asking that witness, ‘what worries you about this deposition’ and getting the feedback from him/her. It gives them the opportunity to open up, something that’s hard for them to do.”

~ Sonny Flowers, Hurth, Sisk & Blakemore, LLP.

“Twice I have called upon Katherine James to handle the witness’ preparation of troublesome clients. In both cases the opposition was going to base their defense on the cross examination of my client. The clients were vulnerable on a number of issues. They were also volatile and combative.

Katherine used a number of techniques and approaches to transform them into being able to effectively tell their story. They became able to handle withering cross examination. She neutralized their natural combativeness and defensive manner and replaced it with calm, confident and effective testimony of their own behalf.

Katherine used a number of different approaches to gain the clients’ confidence. She showed them how they could communicate naturally with the jury. I have used a number of her techniques and approaches over the years to assist clients and key witnesses in handling direct and cross examination.

If you have an opportunity to watch Katherine prepare a witness or attend a seminar where she is teaching her system, I would strongly encourage you to do so.”

~ Greg Eiesland, Johnson Eiesland Law Offices, PC.

“Two days flew past because Alan and Katherine were highly entertaining. Their rapid-fire comic bantering was not just entertaining, it was a perfect introduction or segue from topic to topic. They were both very knowledgeable not only about their own disciplines as actors and trial consultants, but also social science, psychology, anthropology, law and history, weaving all of these areas into a cohesive seminar. Their comments and instruction were always helpful. Their demonstrations always made a point and an impact on me. They were appropriately irreverent and respectful toward the participants and the legal community.”

~ NITA Seminar Attendee

“Very knowledgeable. Great communicators. And very disarming, which is hugely important when trying to coax lawyers to try new things.”

~ NITA Seminar Attendee

“Alan and Katherine’s styles complemented each other well to emphasize key points. It was obvious that they had been doing this together for a long time.”

~ NITA Seminar Attendee

“Excellent program. One of the best CLE courses I have attended in over 30 years.”

~ NITA Seminar Attendee

“I think most of us were not prepared to perform in front of other people. I think we all ended up being comfortable doing so as a result of the way the exercises were conducted. I never felt like I was pushed to do anything I didn’t want to do, but I was pushed to open up and take chances in front of the group, which is exactly what I need to do in my practice. The exercises have helped me to feel empowered to be myself in court. I used my voice and body in ways that I will continue to work on to more effectively communicate in court. And I’ve started re-working my thinking about openings and closings, and basic approaches to my cases.”

~ NITA Seminar Attendee

“The exercises were all well thought out. I took home several important insights, which does not always happen at practice seminars.”

~ NITA Seminar Attendee

“Telegram was effective in narrowing case. It helps in the presentation.”

~ NITA Seminar Attendee

“I will think more about the listeners when I’m speaking in court, and will be more receptive to nonverbal communication. I expect to be able to speak with judges and jurors openly and understand better what they want to hear.”

~ NITA Seminar Attendee

“The storytelling exercise was a true eye-opener for me, but the entire program was very impressive. Hard to single anything out.”

~ NITA Seminar Attendee

“I wanted to increase my confidence ‘on my feet.’ This course certainly helped me gain that confidence.”

~ NITA Seminar Attendee

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