Alan and Katherine have been featured in numerous publications. Below you will find some of the published articles that we consider interesting for our visitors & clients.

  • The Many Pros And Few Cautionary Warnings Of Preparing A Witness Via SKYPE – September,
    (read article)
  • The Jury Expert – May, 2013 (read article)
    The Scared Witness: A Chapter from “Can This Witness Be Saved”
  • The Jury Expert – October, 2012 (read article)
    The Witness The Jury Is Going to Hate
  • The Jury Expert – May, 2012 (read article)
    10 Tips For Preparing The Crazy Witness For a Media Frenzied Trial
  • A Step By Step Guide To The Vocal Warm Up Exercises – December, 2011 (read article)
    Vocal warm up exercises for attorneys to improve their voices and to keep them relaxed before going “onstage.”
  • The Jury Expert – May, 2011 (read article)
    Budget Conscious Witness Preparation
  • Preparing The Parents Of The Child Client – March, 2011 (read article)
  • The Jury Expert – November, 2010 (read article)
    How To Present Yourself In Court To Be Optimally Likable and Persuasive
  • Plaintiff Magazine – April, 2010 (read article)
    How to maximize the impact of cross-examination. A jury consultant offers tips on cross-examination to help you persuade the jury and avoid alienating them.
  • The Jury Expert – March, 2010 (read article)
    Goals Of Witness Preparation: From A Trial Consultant’s Point Of View
  • Everything I Ever Needed To Know About Live Communication I Learned From Konstantin Stanislavski:
    Common Mistakes and Best Practices – November 2009
    (read article)
  • The ASTC Conference 2009 – Update – June, 2009 (read article)
  • In the Trial Consultant’s Seat – November, 2008 (read article)
    The importance of eye contact. In a courtroom, eye contact is the big litmus test for credibility, believability and likability.
  • Plaintiff Magazine – September, 2008 (read article)
    Trial Practice, Practice, Practice. Tips on exercises to prepare for your courtroom performance – they really work!
  • Advocate – July, 2008 (read article)
    Making your client a stellar witness: A step-by-step guide to deposition witness preparation.
  • Plaintiff Magazine – February, 2008 (read article)
    Costuming for the courtroom
  • National Institute for Trial Advocacy – 2008 (read article)
    Preparing Child Witnesses – A Primer in Compassion
  • Plaintiff Magazine – October, 2007 (read article)
    Can this witness be saved from the “Magic List”?
  • TRIAL, Journal of the Association of Trial Lawyers of America – April, 1998 (read article)

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