The goal of a lawyer is to develop his or her full potential as an advocate. We do not teach acting classes. We do not teach dramatic gestures, style and false behavior. Many attorneys are already acting—they act like lawyers.

During our seminars, we DO teach how to walk and talk like human beings. We DO teach how to develop your own natural style, rhythm and mannerisms, and how to exploit them so you maximize your expressivity—whether speaking with a client, a colleague, a judge or a jury.

Whatever the demands on your staff—client meetings, law and motion, deposition, trial, appellate argument, public or in-house presentations, the skills we teach can improve their performance.

We design our curriculum and the structure of our workshops to meet specific needs of the individual strengths and challenges of each firm—the number of lawyers and their profile, the time constraints of your staff, the nature of your practice and the configuration of the available space. It is ideal for us to meet with you in order to outline your needs and plans and determine our plan of action.

We offer legal workshops that are organized and conducted to maximize individual attorney participation. These workshops emphasize learning through doing, in a safe and relaxed atmosphere. The instructors combine lecture and demonstration to provide an opportunity for participants to “rehearse” the techniques. The sessions can last from two hours to once-a-week trainings over several weeks. The goal is to offer skills that are understood, used and applied during actual on-going case work. The results will speak for themselves.

If you want to plan a firm retreat that is both educational and fun and has a unique perspective that will bring your attorneys together in common purpose…CALL US.

If you want to plan a workshop for your summer interns or for your junior and/or senior associates….a session that can help you evaluate the skills of your lawyers while also providing valuable tools to distinguish them in the marketplace…CALL US.

We provide training in your office that can also be linked via teleconference and webcast to all your offices worldwide.

We can develop a series of workshops to create actual trial lawyers out of litigators…CALL US.


If you belong to an association, group, or law firm interested in bringing us in to conduct a training workshop or seminar, please contact us to arrange logistics and the curriculum.