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OLYMPUS, written by Katherine James, and directed by Katherine James and Alan Blumenfeld is a workshop production at the Greek Theater on the Pamona College campus, Spring 2012.

Alan in A CHRISTMAS CAROL at A Noise Within in Pasadena. He is magnificent as the Ghost of Christmas Present.
Alan plays the role of SCRUB in the 2013 performance of The Beaux' Stratagem at A Noise Within theatre.

Alan and Katherine have always maintained a balance of working as actors, writers, directors and producers in theater, tv and film along with their work as trial consultants teaching and working with lawyers and their witnesses.

They are the only consultants with a regular, on-going blend of these two related and different worlds. It is this balance and this blend that is the basis of their work and their knowledge.

Alan is a Resident Artist at A Noise Within Theatre in Pasadena, where he is a regular in their production of CHRISTMAS CAROL, as well as many of their shows. He is also a company member at Theatricum Botanicum, in Topanga Canyon, in LA where for the past 32 years he has played most of the Shakespeare clowns and appeared in many contemporary plays.

This Summer season at Theatricum Botanicum in Topanga Canyon, Alan will be playing Shylock in MERCHANT OF VENICE. A perfect time for a play about bullying, intolerance/tolerance, anti-semitism, bigotry and hatred. Hopefully, we will be offering the thousands of school kids and adults who come see the show some insight into human nature and help create a saner more tolerant world.

Alan has been casted as Egeus in a film version of MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM. And this is truly a dream cast, starring Lily Rabe, Hamish Linklater, Finn Whitrock and Rachel Leigh Cook. Look for a release of this remarkable film, coming soon.

Alan shot the film, PINSKY, in Boston playing the family Rebbe. A wonderful, raw, layered film. The film had the premiere at the Moscow Film Festival.

Be sure to look for Alan in the Home Video release of THE INTERVIEW. Set your TiVo to record the reruns of Alan’s abundant oeuvre. To find out Alan’s latest work, please visit his web site

Katherine is currently working on many exciting things this year so be sure to stay tuned and check in periodically for updates.

In May of 2017, Katherine’s play Zero-Six-Two-Eight was a finalist of the Little Black Dress Ink National Female Playwrights Festival in Los Angeles. The theme of the festival this year is “Hot Mess”, and when it was announced, Katherine knew immediately she was going to write a monologue based on the work she did in 2016 with a man named Paul for ACT of Communication. The play received a production in Prescott, AZ and will be staged in Los Angeles for the 2107-2018 Season. To read more about this play, visit Little Black Dress Ink website.

In December, running through February of 2018, Katherine will be directing the world premiere of ASHES TO ASHES at the Odyssey Theater in Los Angeles. Written by Debbie Bolsky, this madcap romantic comedy is perfect for the holidays! Ex-couple liberal Sara and right-winger Jefferson are polar opposites about everything — except their love and devotion for their two, newly deceased, filthy-rich best friends. Visit The Athena Cats website to learn more.

Katherine’s play, LOVE THROUGH THE CRACKS OF TIME is a two hander about Claude and Alice Monet’s relationship of 35 years. Alan directed a staged reading of this play twice at The Road Theater in Los Angeles. We are currently planning for a full production. This process is in the beginning stages of raising the funds to produce a full scale Equity production in Los Angeles. If you, or anyone you know, might be interested, please let us know.

Free Association Theatre (Katherine is the Artistic Director) continues with sponsoring festivals in LA featuring women playwrights. LAFPI (the Los Angeles Female Playwright’s Initiative; our local chapter of the Initiative nationwide…with the goal of having 50 percent of plays in the US written by women by 2020) is one such organization. Katherine is also on the Board of Athena Cats, a producing company in Los Angeles dedicated to the works of women playwrights. As a part of that company, Katherine will be directing ASHES TO ASHES playing in 2017-2018 in Los Angeles.

Katherine is hard at work on two new plays, COMMON GROUND and WILLING SUSPENSION OF DISBELIEF. Both of these plays are now in varying stages of development towards creating the opportunities for production.

Katherine continues her work with Theatricum Botanicum where she is also a company member. Her mentorship in the Seedlings, new play development series, is both nourishing for her and inspiring for the other writers. Her website is now live online. Come visit to learn more about the plays, projects and productions that Katherine is currently working on.